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Colorcare is your color ally!

The Care of Color

Color is the core business of any salon.

Elgon, experts in coloring products, has relaunched a range that accompanies the color service: Colorcare.

Colorcare was created for the hairdresser, who:

  • Pays attention to details
  • Likes to pamper the customers
  • Provides a color service not found in retail

… all of which reinforce the relationship with the client.

Colorcare is a beauty ritual divided into three areas:

  1. Technical products
  2. Cleansing
  3. Color toning

…for maximum professionality & lasting color result.

The beauty ritual consists of the following steps: diagnosis, mixing & application, purify, cleanse, moisturize.


Consult with the client. Diagnosis of the hair; determination of natural depth & % of white hair tone. Define desired color result. Choose appropriate shade and peroxide.
Relevant products: Lenitive Cream 200ml, Skin Guard 100ml, Stain Remover 125ml


After color application we should guarantee lasting color made for different hair types.

Relevant products: Scalp Cleanser 250ml, Delicate Shampoo 300ml/1000ml, Delicate Conditioner 300ml/1000ml, Re-Animation Shampoo 300ml/1000ml, Re-Animation Pack 300ml/500ml



Customers with brown hair can often find their hair too red. Green dyes of Anti-Red Shampoo neutralize red tones restoring the hair to its natural character.







Blonde or grey hair with highlights or bleached can sometimes become yellow.

Violet dyes of Silver Shampoo and Silver Conditioner neutralize yellow tones and the blueberry extract restores the natural gloss to blond or grey hair.



Colorcare is your color ally!