The company PELO LINDO COSMETICS – K. PAPASAKELLARIOU & SIA O.E. has also designed
implements a comprehensive quality management system in accordance with its requirements
international standard ISO 9001:2015. This system aims at its continuous improvement
satisfaction of the company’s customers, offering high quality cosmetic products
level. With our activity we contribute to the development of our clients, such as
also in satisfying the expectations of the final consumers of our products.

In addition, in the company PELO LINDO COSMETICS – K. PAPASAKELLARIOU & CO. O.E. with
sense of responsibility towards consumers but also towards the reputation of our customers,
we implement a system of good industrial practices for cosmetics, in accordance with
requirements of the international standard ISO 22716:2007.

The long-term and effective partnerships with our customers and suppliers,
is a factor of particular importance to the company. These partnerships are based on
trust and mutual benefit and are reinforced by our commitment to continuous

Our quality management system and good industrial practices
concern all of the company’s operations, and continuous evaluations are made, so that
we ensure continuous improvement of our products and services to our customers.
We are committed to complying with the current legislation related to our activity.
Accordingly, we are committed to providing the necessary company resources, for
the achievement of our goals and the efficient operation of the above systems.

On an annual basis we set specific quality targets. They are communicated to everyone
the employees, while at regular intervals their level of achievement is checked.