When completing your order through our online store, you can choose one of the following payment methods:


1. Replacement

Your order is delivered to the address you have chosen and you pay the price to the driver of the courier company that will deliver your products. The cash on delivery service is charged with an additional 3€.


2. Card (Debit or Credit)

By choosing your card as a payment method for your order you are automatically transferred to the secure environment of the Bank, where you enter your details and complete your transaction.


3. PayPal

You can complete your order by paying through your Paypal account.


4. Deposit in our company’s Bank Account

You can make a deposit to one of the following accounts through any bank branch or online banking:
– National Bank of Greece
No. Account: 07520268991
IBAN: GR7501100750000007520268991
– Eurobank
No. Λογαριασμού: 0026.0281.74.0200021854
IBAN: GR4802602810000740200021854
– Piraeus
No. Account: 5076091511805
IBAN: GR2601720760005076091511805

Your deposit should include: your full name and the number of the order sent to you in the confirmation email.
Proof of deposit should be sent by email to info@pelolindo.gr.
The full name on the deposit slip must be the same as the full name you have stated in your order.
The deposit of the money is not always immediately visible and there is the possibility of a short delay (2-3 working days) if you choose to transact through different banks. If you choose to proceed with an interbank transaction, any costs must be borne by the originator/customer.
At the time of your order the products are reserved in our warehouse until the deposit is completed and shipped immediately and remain reserved for 2 working days from the date of receipt of the order. If the deposit is not completed after 2 working days, the products are released and the system automatically cancels your order. In this case you can proceed to a new order.